1. Play It Like Ya Stole It!

    I am selling my guitars. This is where & how you can
    support my delinquency. I like to taste test different gear.
    Some are travelers that like to pass thru. It gives me the
    chance to write & record new songs using different guitars. 
    Guitars for sale are all listed below & also again here on this site- 
    http://www.stephpappas.com/music__merch with all the merch & music.

PRS SE single cutaway 6 string electric guitar w/ whammy bar.
Tobacco Burst a darker brown color than the red shown in pix.
Excellent condition w/ PRS gig bag
. $500 guitar & case!
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Black 1984 rare Vintage Kramer Pacer Carrera
6 string electric guitar. Good-Used condition.
Has the whammy bar, Floyd Rose, lock tuning.
Comes with it's original Kramer case. It came a
great price to me so I can pass a great price to you.
It's worth much more! $800 guitar & case!

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Yamaha acoustic guitar. Has a pick up in it so you can plug in and go electric.
Easy to play, awesome neck action, sounds big, full, well balanced, and is a
brown/yellow color. The case is a
flight case meaning it's well padded with
that are easy for you as well as the tsa at airports to deal with and
prefer these type of latches on instrument cases, but the case is not one
of those heavy kinds and
it's like a regular case you carry.
$250 for the guitar,
$125 for the case. Okay to make an offer.
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