Here's where you gain access to the Robot Dog Studio show prerecording for a radio show! Eamil us by using this contact form and we'll email back that you made the first 5 people to sign up or if we are full up we'll let you know that too! Use this form also to purchase merch & music> Jellyfish Friends total with shipping is $25. Steph playing harmonica tee shirt order here, $20 plus add $5 for shipping! Here's how to place your order> Drop us your mailing address, and also email or phone contact so that we can let you know what the shipping cost will be along with your music & merch order. We'll send your order right a way! We can only accept checks at this time. Please send check only to: Steph Pappas, Guitar Girl, PO Box 5664 Burlington Vermont 05402 USA. ThankYou for checking us out!
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