We'll post just about any live SPEXP vids you send us!

SPEXP was at The Double E August 25 Saturday 2018

Published Jan. 2018 by channel 17,  just sent to us-  
SP EXP at The Ramble 2017 -
Nathan Scott- electronic drum kit
Michael Kirick- washboard, harmonica, flute
Ted Looby-  acoustic guitar
Steph- acoustic guitar, sing, harmonica



Oct 14 Saturday 2017
SP EXP at Lamp Club Light Shop
You might have to be on fb to see this
vid because that's where we found it --

Steph- guitar, sing
Matthew Nerbak- drum kit
Bob Mackenzie- harmonica
Tom Buckley- bass guitar
Pitz Quattrone- didgerido
Aylx Lyons- congas

Joshua Cleaver- bass guitar
Steph- guitar, vocals
Brett Hoffman- drum kit
Bob Mackenzie- harmonica
at Higher Ground
in South Burlington Vermont USA
Film footage by Captain Salty
with Patti Haldane Bonder

July 26 2014 
2 vids of Steph at The Ramble

in the historic Old North End
Burlington Vermont Usa



Steph- guitar
Alyx Lyons- percussion
Drummer Dave- drum
Robin Hanbridge- dejembe

Solo Pappas