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Who's Yer Cowboy brown color trucker hat,
hanging on the right corner top of suitcase

Whos' Yer Cowboy Trucker Hat


Steph Pappas Experience/Steph Plays Harmonica T-Shirt

Black T-shirt / sizes left;


Women's & uni tees sizes:

Men's- Heavy BeefyT brand 6.0 weight all cotton.
Women's- Heavy ultra cotton Gildan
or Heavy Comfort Colors brand all cotton.

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Single off 3 Wishes
is a popular song so we decided
to leave it up here, easy to find.


Also check out a different version of
this song on Steph's Jellyfish album!



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Out of Stock.
CD was released to raise money
for a no kill animal shelter.


Not On The Map
CS only, 1st pressing, not 4sale and is free.
Inquire for CD format, it's a 2nd pressing
which doesn't come w/ the complete full
insert, not 4sale and is free, Going out of stock.



Miss Bliss/ Greek Picnic 1988
Album transfer to CS
Inquire for album copy


Steph solo 1988
CS transfer to CD

Miss Bliss/Bliss Songs 1986
CS transfer to CD

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NEW! Ready for the next tour!
Honey Bee Tour
Handmade knitted Honey Bee
Inquire! To order Email us 
To see more about Emily Rose who makes them for SPE
please visit: https://www.facebook.com/ArgyleBestiaryCo/

Jellyfish Friends!   
To order
 Email us 

Steph's Grandma's own handmade yarn vest & scarf 
has been recycled into Jellyfish Friends! How cool is that?!
These Jellyfish feel nice and are gorgeous. 

Size- roughly as big as your hand and fits in adult size palm. 
100% yarn, no stuffing material. Some uses- decorative on your 
car mirror, x-mas tree, sleepy time cuddle pal, arm comfort rest 
for chemo patient, etc.

To see more about Emily Rose who makes them, please visit:


The Single Song Series

CD Baby still accepts those song single download cards
if you picked them up from an SPE show or found them at
various locations. We can also send them to you 20 songs! 
Pay What You Want!

Cards can be redeemed using this link:


For 20 physical download cards, the pay what you want deal 
Email us
don't use the pay what you want deal and shop online at I Tunes-  
or wherever you like to aquire your SPE music.

Single Song Series & other songs are also available 
with your choice to go free download, stream or buy -


2017 Single Song Series
Double Drummers / JAM / JUNGLE RUN / FEEL IT / Rise

2016 Single Song Series 
WhiteRock Magic / One Foot  / 89 WhiteOut  / Chance Meeting / For Melody

2015 Single Song Series
jararaca / Val / Heist / Happy / PeaceLove

cdbaby link to Val

2014 Single Song Series 
Rough Sketch / I Used To Be Cute/ Everythang / Metal Country /
Drive Johnny Drive

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Jellyfish Tour T-Shirt
Design is on back side.  100% cotton.
Men, women, children, unity T's. All sizes.

sold out and out of stock

Who's Yer Cowboy Tour Merch

Trucker hat: Who's Yer Cowboy! Email us

match books (sold out)
box of matches (sold out)
Who's Yer Cowboy! small sticker,  large sticker  (sold out)
Who's Yer Cowboy bandana (sold out)

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