Presently there's a larger than life pix  of Steph is in the Vermont Folklife Center Museum  
w/ a recorded message on what is was like to be at Burlington Vermont USA  
first Lesbian & Gay Parade-


Steph Pappas, who at the age of twelve received as a Christmas present her first harmonica in lieu of another train set, was born in Jamacia Plains, 
Boston, Massachusetts on July 5. Her early love of baseball nearly led to another career, but influenced by legendary players such as Odetta, Led Zeppelin, Joan Baez, Janis Joplin the guitar was calling her name in which Steph found her true calling. 

Sporting a reputation as "Jimi Hendrix baby 
sister", Steph Pappas has also been known as the "psychedelic cowboy chick" 
and has been compared with the energetic 
stage performing style of The Boss. 


So what kind of music is this? In short it's Blues Punk. To elaborate on that, some other category's Steph's music falls into are: Americana, Heartland Rock, Alternative, Psychedelic rock, 
American Underground, Rock, Blues, Folk Rock, Roots Rock, Outlaw Country, Country, Blues Punk, Garage Punk, Garage Rock, Rap Rock, Jam Band. 

Steph is on her own Guitar Girl label 
in Burlington, Vermont USA. Steph is a member of ASCAP, Elite GoGirls Music, and serves on the board of Fool's Gold, a non-profit fund for local Burlington artists. 

Some past news 
Steph composed original music for the 2013 December movie release called 
Freedom & Unity: The Vermont Movie. 
Filmed & Produced by Nora Jacobson. 

In 2012 Steph's music is featured in 
Little House In The Big House a film by Sisters Unite. 

"Got The Feeling To Take To The Highway" from the CD The Steph Pappas Experience / Not On The Map held the longest running #1 position which lasted a few years at WRUV 90.1 FM, college radio broadcasting from University of Vermont, USA. 
"Blues/Punk" also from The Steph Pappas Experience / Not On The Map, ascended to top 5 on Buzz Cutsat WBTZ 99.9 FM Burlington, Vermont USA. Steph stars in the documentary "Local Voice" and composes the music for "Third," an award winning film. Her music is also featured in a film by Meathead Productions. Steph Pappas with her all woman band Miss Bliss: Circa 2000 brings the original Miss Bliss back to Burlington Vermont USA for a reunion at Red Square. 1100 cases of Magic Hat's Miss Bliss beer was brewed in the band's name every spring for three consecutive years. Circ. 2002 Steph's Americana Folk Rock album 3 Wishes was voted #1 by The Burlington Free Press.