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Loved playing here!




Posted March 31 Tuesday 2020


Just hope I am not to late, in sounding like the NYC mayor.
How ever am (formerly) the King Of Crombie (Burl VT)

Think 2x b4 going out. USA is peeking,

Hosp. about to be hit. In some sections they already are.
Don't overwhelm Dr.,Nrs, yers & everyone's safety the next 4 weeks.

If you are sick stay home. If you are not sick stay home.

Contact w/our grocers puts everyone at more risk so only go if absolutely nec.
and sorry but no contact socializing etc... we can get thru this sooner than alot later.

Not just say'in, btw it is fact. If u been traveling please call in to yer health provider.

I stopped going to the gym a month before they closed, i cancelled my tour in Jan,
guessing, waiting 4 the venues to follow suit. I am w/o many of my favorite foods.

Yes u heard me... haha but not so haha my CHOC. ICE CREAM is not in the house.



From the March 7 St. 2020 show at Radio Bean in Burlington VT. USA

When U go to my live shows,download/stream free or buy
my music it turns into a wonder of feed back honed in by
audience participation not to mention #1 at (vid)
Interview clip-…/were-all-about-the-…

Next show will be March 7, aka near end of
Mardi Gras season at Radio Bean
Burlington Vermont USA

SPE rawked downtown Burlington NY-Eve

 Photo by Tim Lewis

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(Blog)   All That Just To Get There!

If summer is your favorite Vt. season > Always dread when summer fades, no more feet in the sand, but then I get used to the back & forth warm-cool fall weather, colorful leaves on the trees & the late in fall picturesque sky, however that leads into getting snow tires put on the car, a snow fall or two then it some times warms up with one last bout aka IndianSummer, other times it just goes into winter, once ya get used to that concept and maybe some of you other summer folks get there too, that place where all is fine even though stuff becomes harder to do, accept it, welcoming the change, kinda wishing or thinking how we like to be in that warm weather year round but this other lightly conflicting thought that 4 seasons ain't all that bad, okay 5 in VT- mud season is it's own deal and you will recall that once again when March hits.... and then Spring arrives, your body must re adjust cause you were ready for more winter and then the most delightful moment happens, the one us summer folks have been waiting for, dreaming of, ... for me it will befeet in the sand.. again. What's yours? All that just to get there!Keep shinning!

PS: Photo was taken by Margaret Michniewicz at Positive Pie, a show during a snowstorm in Montpelier Vt. PS: For you artist reading this I bet you can relate to or perhaps apply the theory-All That Just To Get There! to your own music life.